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At heart I am an experimenter I get an idea and feel compelled to try it out, this is why my work is an eclectic mix but usually with a modern esthetic. I am grateful to be able to make art, it is my therapy and it is my way to connect to people.


I am interested in genetics and how genes, these little bits of good and bad, are passed from one generation to the next. This is often represented in my work by repetition, growth, markers, vague human figures. The acts of covering, layering, hiding, censoring are also very important, I like the control I have to only show part of the story. 

Working with these ideas, I create layered abstract work with “informational fragments”—some completely covered, some behind translucent layers, some prominently on the surface. My paintings’ layers, textures and drawing tell personal stories, but I also intend for my work to encourage the viewer to discover and see their own evolving stories as well.